Lithocaps - Overview

The Lithocaps prospect is located in Huancavelica within the Huachocolpa District, a very well-known mineralized region in the southern part of Peru. This region contains intermediate sulfidation systems and base metal rich skarns.

The Corporation’s strategy in the central-southern part of Peru is to discover economic gold porphyry systems and associated epithermal mineralization. Up to date, most of the work conducted has been in Huancavelica, a region located in the southeastern part from Lima. As of 2012, the Corporation has staked 25,090 ha and has also optioned two projects: Lithocaps (595 ha) and Terciopelo (4,200 ha). From the areas that were staked, two new projects were identified: Purisima and Retazos.

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Figure 1: The geological setting of the Huancavelica Lithocaps Project with Braeval concessions. Map prepared by Braeval, October 2012. Redrafted from 1:100,000 scale maps by INGEMMET.